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About Us

What is Unique about Clark Construction?

We’re experienced Design-Builders with a passion and enthusiasm for whole house redos, constructing additions and remodeling that is unmatched.  


Clark Construction team raises a gable wall for an addition.

We have the "A” team; talented designers for you to work with, and a production team who consistently complete jobs at a high quality level on time (or sooner!) and to budget.


We have an Exceptional Process that enables us to keep our projects on track, and let you to know what we will be doing and when we will be doing it.


You can count on us: we do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it.


We value engineer jobs, and work to optimize your investment. We do a lot of up front planning and detail work to facilitate jobs going smoothly during the construction phase. We know how to build quality in. We are experienced problem solvers, with many lessons learned at the School of Hard Knocks. We bring that experience to the table and it makes a difference in the results of our projects.


We offer a professional level of service in an industry with the reputation of being full of unprofessional contractors. The difference in the level of service we provide can be best communicated by one of our past clients, and was& one of the reasons that we received the Remodeler of Year Award from the Fairfield County Home Builders Association.


We take pride in our work, and believe that if you are incredibly satisfied with the final product and the process by which we got there, we have done our job well.

What Kinds of Projects do you do?

Check out our Services Page and our Portfolio. We do everything from Room Additions, Major Renovations,  Whole House Renovations, Historical Renovations, Kitchens, Baths, and a whole slew of other projects. Our portfolio

How Big is Your Company?

Clark Construction is a full service remodeling company comprised of friendly and competent designers, craftsmen, and support staff. We are not trying to be the biggest remodeling company in the area but we work hard every day to excel, learn and grow so that we can be the best remodelers out there.

What is Your Market Area?

Clark Construction clients typically live within a small radius of our office. This is not by accident. Our base of repeat and referral work allows us limit our jobs to this tight geographical radius. Doing so has advantages for us, and for you.


Clark Construction prepared for building the structural portion of a second floor addition.

Our Project Supervisors spend less time in transit and more time at your home than they would if our jobs were more spread out.


This allows the Clark Construction team to excel at doing jobs extremely efficiently, while keeping them under control and maintaining high quality standards.


Providing this level of care and attention is key to allowing us to deliver on our promises and satisfying our clients with a positive remodeling experience.


Having less transit time also reduces overhead and therefore keeps costs down for clients, enabling Clark Construction to give their clients “more bang for their buck”.

How Do You Compare Pricewise to Other Providers?

Clark Construction has built our reputation by delivering good value on every project. We offer the most value when there is a good match between our services and your needs, such as projects requiring good thoughtful design solutions, where we will pull together and orchestrate a large number of tradespeople. Plus we care about you. We feel that life is too short to waste our time doing work that doesn't make our clients happy.


Roof is off the house, beam is readied for installing on the second floor addition.

Our goal is to provide services as effectively and efficiently as possible. We take the time to assess your in-home needs and work to develop a project that will meet your current and future needs.


If you are looking for “soup to nuts”, and want to work with someone who cares about you and your project, we are the team for you.



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