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The Design Build Advantage

With the Design-Build Method, the same firm designs your remodel or addition and then builds it. This "one-team approach", in combination with the convenience of a remodeling showroom, is one-stop shopping at its best.


The advantages are clear.


Here's the Executive Summary:  Greater efficiency saves you time and money. You profit from the synergy and consistency of service that comes from working directly with one company that's designing and building your project. You get "early news about costs" - avoiding big surprises once designs are done. You get the biggest bang for the buck, because the design team applies their practical experience and knowledge of historical job costs to optomize your investment.


For more detail, read about seven design build advantages that will benefit you when you work with Clark Construction.

Seven Design Build Advantages 


1. Great Designs

The Design-Build process allows your project to be professionally designed by people skilled at finessing the balance between design enhancements and cost containment. In addition to having one eye focused on your targeted budget, we are uniquely responsive to your needs, emotions and lifestyle.


2. Single Source Accountability

You direct one, instead of many: You only have to deal with one company that takes accountability and stands behind its work. It's convenient, and it provides consistency. When the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, there are less misunderstood intentions, reduced conflict, lower construction costs, and the whole process takes less time.


3. Continuity and a Seamless Transition From Design to Construction

A Design-Build firm is involved from start to finish, which adds an inherent efficiency. The chance for things to fall through the cracks is greatly diminished. There’s greater continuity between the vision of the design and the realities of construction than there otherwise would be. It helps that there’s no handoff between the two - making the transition seamless.


4. Greater Involvement Means Lasting Pride

Design-Build operates under the assumption that you actually want to be an active participant in your project. By getting involved you’re guaranteeing that you will get the outcome you want, as well as satisfaction of your goals – what you want is going to be achieved. We’ve found that such an involvement is inspiring and gives clients a lasting sense of pride about their home and their remodeling project.


5. Early Knowledge of Costs

Through clear communication, the budget is defined early on and it guides the entire project.


Early knowledge of costs avoids the disappointment of doing a design, costing it out only to find out that the project is well beyond what you are willing to spend.


We take the time up front to do "feasibility" - researching town records to ensure that we are able to execute the work within the parameters of local codes and ordinances. This reduces the possibility of unforeseen expenses or holdups later.


During the time period where you are making material selections with your designer, our estimator visits your home with our trade partners. Involving estimating early, with their experienced but critical eye, refines the cost for your project earlier and helps to ensure that required ancillary work is included. This minimizes costly change orders later.


6. A Strong Working Relationship with Professional Guides

The Design-Build process allows you to get to know us during the design phase, well before signing a construction contract. Our team-based approach fosters a strong working relationship throughout the design and construction of the project.


This relationship building starts at the first meeting where we listen and get an understanding for what you want, or the direction you think you want to go.


We can manage both the big picture and the details. You end up with what you want without having to worry about how to get there, or the mind boggling number of details involved.


We are a beacon to clients throughout the process, guiding the way to the best possible outcome. Design-Build refines a system from beginning to end and manages the chaos into orderly steps.


7. Design-Build Saves You Time

Your project is scheduled into the construction schedule at the start of the design phase, minimizing the lag between design and construction start. More time is saved by eliminating iterative redesign and bidding because the value of various design alternatives is thoroughly considered at each decision point in the design process. Additionally, this increases the probability that the final design will meet the full set of your expectations, design objectives and the targeted budget.


Various materials selections are presented to the design-built cleints for approval.

“Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for us to hear from people that “their remodel cost twice as much as the architect said it would. Such a scenario is entirely unacceptable in the Design-Build world. The Design-Build approach focuses on results, not excuses.”


- Gary Clark, President