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Taking Design Build To A New Level

Learn how our team of designers and construction professionals uses a proprietary process that makes your remodel worry-free.


While many remodelers describe themselves as design-build companies, the Clark Construction Design and Remodeling Process is truly unique in the industry.


With our unified team of designers and construction professionals, Clark Construction elevates the design build process to a whole new level.

On-Staff Designers and Construction Professionals Working Together for You

Clark Construction is the rare design build company that handles both design and construction with a team of experts who are all on staff. Because our designers and construction professionals are Clark Construction employees, rather than outside consultants, you access all the benefits of working with one dedicated team, wholy committed to the success of your project.


Young couple imagines their home with home improvements in place shown with a pen and ink sketch.Our team of designers combines a careful evaluation of your home's existing conditions with an up-front feasibility study of potential zoning, wetlands and/or health department issues, allowing us to include a realistic forecast of projected construction costs early in the design phase. This leads to design solutions that will not be compromised by unanticipated issues, undeliverable promises, or huge budget surprises.


Working together in a collaborative environment, our on-staff professionals, all leading experts in their fields, seamlessly handle the details of your project from the first day you contact Clark Construction to the last day of construction.

Enhanced Communication So You Get the Results You Expect

Clark Construction simultaneously develops the design parameters, construction methods, and budgetary goals for your project, and communicates this information to you every step of the way.


Because of our proprietary process and our expert team of designers and construction professionals, you are much more likely to achieve your remodeling goals (and have many less headaches!) than if you first work  on a design and then have to run interference between whoever does the drawings and your contractor.


Working with Clark Construction, you have immediate access to the entire team working on your project during development and throughout your project. This efficiency is a keystone to the success of our design build process, and to your satisfaction with your project.

Increased Accountability Gives You Peace of Mind

When you choose to work with Clark Construction for your project, you know you can rely on us to be responsible for a successful outcome. You don't have to worry about the "finger-pointing" that is often commonplace with home improvement projects. You can trust us to address and resolve any questions or concerns you may have throughout your project.

Simplified Process Makes Your Life Easier

The challenge of having to deal with several contractors and consultants during your remodel is eliminated when you work with Clark Construction. Material selection, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, and scheduling are all streamlined for you, making the remodeling and renovation process much simpler and more enjoyable.

A Proven Production System

Clark Construction is proud of the remodeling experience our clients have. We have developed an Exceptional Production Process that ensures completion of your project on or before the day we say  - and at the cost and quality level that we promise.


Our process is exceptional for the way we share information with you at each step and stay on schedule. Like a fine watch, each piece of our process is carefully assembled so the final result is a perfect fit of all the parts and pieces. We set your expectations, and then follow through on our promises.

Building Clients for Life

Clark Construction establishes long lasting relationships with our clients. We have found that working together on various projects over the years to build a unique and special home creates friendships that last a lifetime. We love what we do, and treasure these relationships.