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A Proven Production System

Exceptional results come from an Exceptional Production Process that ensures completion of your project on or before the day we say and at the cost and quality level that we promise.


For many people, one of the most stressful parts of a remodel is not knowing what's going to happen and when.  With Clark Construction, you know. Our process is exceptional for the way we share with you at each step and stay on schedule. Like a fine watch, each piece of our process is carefully assembled so in the end everything is a perfect fit.

"One of the biggest stressors in a project is when the homeowners don't know when something is going to happen. We create a high level of trust by helping clients understand what is going to happen, then follow through on those commitments so that it happens just as we have said it will.


- Gary Clark, President

A Well-Crafted Process

We're professionals. We know exactly how long each step takes. We only use dependable craftsmen who can complete their work on schedule. Whether you're doing an addition or just a simple replacement bath, we walk you through a calendar that breaks everything down from the start of a project to its completion; then we follow it. You know exactly what we're doing each day. Barring any changes you might make midway through the process, we almost always finish on or before the contracted completion date.


Clark Construction garage addition construction project in progress.

You have access to our on-line calendar for your project, so you know right away if there has been any change in “what’s happening”.


Our clients say that one of the biggest things that helps them live through a remodel is knowing there's a real endpoint. That’s why we place so much emphasis on keeping to our schedule and getting projects done when we say we will (or sooner!).

Good up Front Planning Reduces Our Time in Your Home

We do thorough up front planning to reduce the length of time that we are going to need to be in your home. We think through the sequence of activities, identify the critical path, and work to compact the job and optimize efficiency. Looking ahead to avoid conflicts ensures each craftsmen is available to avoid down periods in the process. Shortening the project’s duration helps minimize the disruption to your life.

Quality is Built In

By now, we know how to do it right the first time.  By using skilled craftsman and quality materials we ensure our high standards for excellence are held. We also recognize that things do happen and something can go wrong.The timely manner in which something is addressed and corrected is another key to our success.

Helping You Live Through the Remodel

Remodeling is inherently disruptive. But there are ways to greatly minimize this disruption. We take great care of you and your home. We cordon off areas where we are not working. Typically the first day of any project is scheduled exclusively to prep the site. This allows us to do a thorough job protecting your home: pre-covering floors and installing dust walls.


During the project, our Project Supervisors ensure the worksite is clean at the end of each day. You can expect that materials are stacked neatly and that the job site will be left broom and rake clean.

After the Show

We service our clients after the project is done with enthusiasm: prompt responsive field service along with a worry free warranty.