1850's Historic Renovation (Wilton,CT)

Major renovations and additions including barn reproduction in Cannondale, CT

In overhauling this historic 1850’s home, Clark Construction removed the back half of the house and several disjointed additions.  They were replaced by additions with graceful lines in keeping with those of the original home, as well as an attached garage and mudroom.


The interior was reconfigured to upgrade the size and type of living spaces. Although it was updated with modern conveniences, it retains the inherent charm and feel of a historic home, in both new and old sections. The historic look of the home was enhanced through the lines of the additions, and in the interior detailing. 


The remodeled bathrooms are luxurious; and the flow of the second floor has improved dramatically.  Antique flooring was salvaged where possible and reused.  Additional antique wood was integrated with the old wood, and was chemically fumed and stained with aniline dyes to match the old hardwood flooring. The homogeneity of flooring makes “new” and original sections of the home indistinguishable. 



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