Master Bath with a Japanese Flair

Master bath with Japanese flair in Ridgefield, CTClark Construction’s clients challenged them to create an open plan for a master bath with a Japanese flair. They wanted to have a door-free bathroom attached to their master suite (no door to the bath itself, no door on the shower enclosure or on the toilet compartment), yet still wanted to achieve privacy within the bathroom itself.


To achieve a “door free” bathroom, Clark Construction divided the room using glass-topped knee walls with a lower etched section of glass. This created private zones for the shower as well as the toilet, while at the same time providing visual continuity between the spaces. Since there are no vertical obstacles, the room feels open and spacious. It is a beautiful room to be in; one with finishes that remind them of their idyllic years in the Far East. An award winner, judged on overall design, the creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the projects enhance the original structure.

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