Pardon Our Dust! Production Stories Journey Through Cool Remodeling Projects

Ever drive by your neighbor’s house being renovated and wish you could peek inside the windows?



Well, here is a way to do that without getting arrested. From first day of demolition to the final finishing touches we have provided a photo documentary to walk you through some remodeling projects and additions. We orchestrate our trade partners to create a smooth and orderly renovation……just as we promise.



Rowayton cottage raised and remodeled by Clark Construction.

Saving a Rare Gem

Having a separate structure on your property is a rare gem in our local seaside communities, like Rowayton. When Hurricane Sandy passed through our client's neighborhood, it left our clients' rental cottage and garage much like the rest of their street, in ruins. Strict town guidelines precluded tearing down this grandfathered structure and rebuilding it. The only way it could stay was to raise the existing structure high enough to meet the new FEMA guidelines, a challenging prospect.


We have helped many clients work through complicated projects where many hoops need to be jumped through. This referral client had the confidence that we could help them navigate through the arduous approval process involving professional engineers, federal guidelines and various town departments.


This almost total rebuild gave us an opportunity to re-jigger the floor plan, and to use modern materials to create a beautiful functional cottage, strong enough and high enough to more gracefully endure future hurricanes.




New Canaan, CT's  Seth Weed Chapman house, a historical renovation by Clark Construction.

Bringing Back A 1720's New Canaan Home

They say nothing lasts forever, especially ancient framing. As part of a window/siding replacement project, extensive structural issues were uncovered. Significant work was done to renew and strengthen this much loved home.


Custom antique beam veneers and an eye for historic detail integrated the repairs and brought it back to its 16th century roots and garnered our clients a Historical Preservation Award with the New Canaan Preservation Alliance in recognition of their “fine execution of preservation practices and especially their unwavering commitment to an ambitious and daunting restoration project” which we undertook for them.




Historic Wilton, CT antique home with a new Clark Construction addition.

Antique Homes Presents Special Challenges

Antique homes always present "surprises" as building codes were nonexistent when these houses were built.


This beautiful home for a family of seven had been expanded upon a few times since the original house was built over 150 years ago. Our design challenge was to respect the original design and create an expanded family room addition that blends seamlessly with the existing structure.






Flooded house along the Norwalk River.

High and Dry at Last

It had only happened twice in five years but a mysterious overnight flood from the nearby brook had caused these homeowners to find almost two feet of water in their basement and garage.


Suggestions by other firms to raise the whole house seemed extreme which led them to Clark Construction seeking an alternative remedy. By eliminating all existing entry points into the house and building a new 2 ½ car garage above the flood line, these homeowners can rest easy during the rainy season knowing the flood waters will not invade their home as they did before. A master suite addition and front entry topped off the project.




historical conversion in New Canaan CT

Taking the Plunge in Reverse

Weighing the cost of restoring a 1970’s indoor swimming pool in this antique home vs. the cost to turn this area into living space while providing a gourmet kitchen and mud entry and increasing its energy efficiency were the primary goals of this half million dollar New Canaan project.


Once decided, removing the pool while maintaining the basic structure was the first of many challenges. Rebuilding the space to include a playroom and guest quarters resulted in a family space offering something for everyone. A "softer" roof line accommodates the new side mud entry and chef's kitchen and allows the "new" addition to better blend in with the antique home. Window sashes were replaced, and "modern" building materials used where possible. The final result is a home that respects the past yet is a harmonious blend of old and new.




Clark Construction Kitchen design Norwalk CT

Building Upon the Architect's Vision

A wood paneled California ranch with a master bedroom addition off the kitchen was reworked to optimize the flow of the first floor and transform the kitchen, while respecting and building upon the original architect’s vision for the home.


Our clients were recent empty nesters anticipating elderly parents coming to live with them. This changing dynamic necessitated changes to the flow of the home so that it would be suited for the four of them.


The final design not only accomplishes the clients’ wish for improvements of form and function but, most importantly, looks like it would have been there from the beginning, thus respecting the home’s pedigree and its creator’s original vision.




Tree falls on Ridgefield, CT home and demolishes the garage in Hurricane Sandy.

A Tree Goes Through It

The fact that a photo of their crushed garage made the cover of the local paper was little consolation following Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, the massive tree missed the main living space of the home where the family was enjoying dinner. After they heard a loud noise, they opened the door and discovered the huge tree in the front yard had split the garage down the middle burying both cars in the debris.


We sprang into action for these repeat clients to get the site cleaned up and the house closed up as quickly as possible allowing them to remain in their home until the work could be completed. We then worked intensely with insurance company to minimize the clients' out of pocket costs for an improved garage addition with dormers on the same footprint. We expedited construction, adding a dormer and some other living space enhancements.

The final result - better than original!



 80’s Kitchen is Thrust Into the New Millennium

A beautiful, classic, light filled kitchen and family room space replaces a dark 80’s kitchen and its adjacent family room with dark wall paper and carpeting.


The general feel of the space has changed tremendously. Layout changes were made to improve the kitchen’s functionality. The flow was optimized, more storage provided and the kitchen’s efficiency improved. Beautiful custom cabinetry and countertops were the icing on the cake.





A Multipurpose Refuge with Swedish Roots

Take an underused, catch all of a bedroom and create a room where we can sit amongst our growing library of art books, create and display our own artwork in a variety of medium, energize and balance our minds and bodies with ample space to practice yoga.





Stock stained wood kitchen designed by Clark Construction

A Larger More Open Kitchen With an Island

By removing an angled wall and utilizing the once “dead space” behind it, we were able to accommodate the client’s wish to increase the size of the kitchen without increasing the footprint of their home.


Although stock cabinets were used to keep the budget in line, the kitchen looks “custom” because of the warm wood chosen, the moldings, and details in the backsplash and trim.