A Larger More Open Kitchen With an Island

New larger, more open wood kitchen with stock cabinetry and granite countertops in Ridgefield, CT built by Clark Construction.

Some of our kitchens are “over the top”. Here’s one where we accomplished a lot without going overboard. We increased the size of the kitchen without bumping out, improved the kitchen’s functionality by increasing counter space and making more efficient storage. We kept within a reasonable budget and brought this kitchen up to date stylistically by using stock cabinets and a standard granite. A bigger sink and a larger window make cleaning up a pleasure.


To increase the floor space, we reclaimed some space once lost behind an angled wall. This allowed the refrigerator to be relocated. In its new position, the view, when entering from the doorways into the adjacent dining and family rooms, has been opened up adding to the feel of a much larger space than before. Tile was replaced with wood floors, allowing this space to flow seamlessly in to adjacent rooms.


Various designs for the space were explored, including one with an expansive island with integrated seating for sharing meals. After much debate the clients decided that the best of all worlds was a more traditional table for meals combined with a compact island for food prep.


More efficient pantry storage, and under cabinet task lighting are details which our client will enjoy each day as she uses her kitchen.



Ready for a Clark Construction kitchen remodel.

Here is the kitchen “Before” with dated cabinets ready for an upgrade. The kitchen space was poorly utilized, with not much free counter space to work on.

Ready for a Clark Construction kitchen remodel.

An angled wall took a big chunk of space out of this kitchen.

Floor Plan before home improvements.

Before Plan

Clark Construction’s Floor Plan after kitchen remodel.

After Plan


The size of the kitchen was increased without increasing the size of the client’s home, keeping their remodeling costs reasonable.

Designer’s drawing of Elevation of sink wall after renovations.

Elevation at the sink


A bigger new window and a bigger single bowl sink, replacing a small double bowl unit, highlight this wall.

Elevation of range wall after kitchen renovations.

Elevation at the range wall


With the refrigerator gone from this wall, there is much more room for counter prep space, and also approx six more linear feet of cabinets.

Elevation of refrigerator wall after home improvements.

Elevation at the refrigerator wall


The refrigerator looks builtin as it sits between two full height pantry cabinets with lots of storage space.

Protecting your home is important.

Construction Begins!


Protecting your home is always the first step of any project.


Here, floor protect has been installed to protect the hardwood floors while materials are moved out during the demo phase.

Cabinets and appliances have been removed so renovations can begin.

The old cabinets and appliances are removed first, and then the real demo can begin.

Kitchen remodeling starts after the room is gutted.

Now that’s what we call a “to the studs” demo!


New window and rough mechanicals have been installed in the kitchen.

A new window is installed and then rough mechanicals are completed. Can you guess what’s next?

Kitchen remodel continues with sheetrock.

You can’t see it, but we put insulation in the outside wall.


Then on to sheetrock. Sheetrock is inherently dusty, but we do our best to seal off surrounding rooms.


Awaiting hardwood flooring in this kitchen renovation.

After sheetrocking is complete, the space is ready to receive new wood flooring.

The cabinets are placed where the plans indicate, the lay-out verified before installation.

Then, on to cabinet installation. Unlike a puzzle this one comes with complete instructions to make cabinet placement a two day job.

After the installation of the base and wall cabinets, trim details such as crown molding is installed.

With base and wall cabinets in place the two-piece crown molding is starting to be installed.

The trim carpenter installs crown.

This decorative trim atop the cabinets, and the light rail beneath them adds drama to the kitchen and gives these stock cabinets a custom look.

The trim carpenter installs panels and other trim pieces.

The carpenter continues to place the last pieces of this puzzle together.

Cabinets are installed and waiting for appliances.

Can you guess what is going to fit snuggly between these two pantry closets?

Granite is drilled for plumbing fixtures in this kitchen remodel.

Granite counters are installed. Faucet holes are always drilled on site to ensure the client is happy with the final placement.

Granite countertops are installed.

Granite counters receive final sealing and polishing.

After countertop installation the sink and faucet are ready to be used

A large undermount sink is only days away from being filled with the family’s dishes.

Tile backsplash is installed in this Wilton Ct home improvement.

Once counters are in place the backsplash is completed. Now all we need are appliances.

The deep fridge has a built-in look.

With appliance installation coordinated by our production team the space is almost ready. A snug fit for this deep fridge creates a built in look.

the kitchen renovation is complete.

Completed kitchen!

The completed space is ready to welcome the family back to the heart of their home.

Elevation of refrigerator wall after home improvements.

Here’s a view looking towards the sink and the window.

the kitchen renovation is complete.

There is a lot of room to spread out on this island.


There's lots of space in this new kitchen for the table, from which there will be an awesome view of the backyard.



All in all an awesome remodel that met the customer's wishes and budget.