Historic Home Addition and Renovations Present Special Challenges

Historic Wilton, CT home with new family room addition by Clark Construction.


The primary objectives for these returning clients with their historic Wilton, CT home was to expand the current family room, provide access to a previously added lower level deck and open the space to a compact but heavily used kitchen. Issues with setbacks, wetlands and location of the septic system all made for tight parameters in which to fulfill their remodeling wishes.


The Clark Construction design team rose to the challenge and presented a few options for this vintage home, from which our clients chose the final plan that you see below. The production team’s challenge was to complete the project in time to host an outdoor wedding three months from our start date. We completed it 21 days ahead; well in time for the wedding!


The addition provides an enlarged family room with seating areas in which this family of seven can read, enjoy the fire, play piano or sit at the new breakfast bar, giving the cook more face time while preparing meals. French doors lead to a small deck and stairs to the deck below. When viewed from the rear, the new deck and stairs mirror the previously existing staircase on the opposite end of the house, creating the symmetry the client had sought in the design.




Side View of the vintage Wilton CT home.

"Before" Photo

Side View of the Original House

Designer's rendering of the new great room addition on Wilton's historic home.

Virtual Rendering (Side Elevation)

A large stationary picture window with simulated divided lites reflects the look that is typical of the time period in which this home was originally built.

Back View of the historic house in Wilton before the renovations

"Before" Photo

 Rear View of the Original House

Designer's rendering of the family room addition, viewed from the rear.

Virtual Rendering (Rear Elevation)

The rear image of the home with dual staircases leading to the lower level deck achieved the symmetry the homeowner was seeking.

Floor plan for expanded family room in this vintage New England home.

When existing structural posts and beams create challenges to open floor spaces we need to embrace them in the design.


This situation led to creating a flex use space off the existing family room that can be used for casual family meals at a long farm table, a reading nook, or a place to gather around the family’s upright piano.


The alignment of the new french doors with the, now open, sink wall of the kitchen allows for a pleasant view when assigned dish duty.

Roofing Study of Proposed Addition

3D modeling of the proposed addition allowed the clients to instantly see how roof lines and design attributes will blend the new addition to the historical design lines and elements of this antique home.

Exterior of antique home awaits new addition.

The exterior of the home, recently painted a historic color, looks so good you can’t imagine demoing the side of the house, to make way for an addition.

Interior of antique home awaits new addition.

The family room as shown here awaits expansion.

Dumpsters and portolets have been delivered ready for the renovations.

After consultation with the homeowners, dumpsters and port-o-lets are placed for use during the remodeling project.

Extra prep is done ready for lead safe practices at this historic Wilton CT home remodeling project.

The presence of lead based paint means extra preparation prior to demolition and lead safe practices while the home improvements are underway.

Interior of antique home awaits new addition. 

Demolition is complete.

After deck is complete, new piers are dug.

Deck is framed first, then piers dug to assure accurate positioning.

Footings and piers are completed prior to framing.

Footings and piers have been poured so framing can begin.

Deck and stairs are underway.

The deck and stairs get underway.

Stringers for stairs are in place, with treads being added.

With the exterior closed up the siding and roofing can begin.

Attention is paid to multi-layered moldings to ensure a good match.

Special attention is paid to the multilayered moldings to ensure as close a match as possible.

New windows and doors have simulated divided lights.

New windows and doors have simulated divided light grilles inside and out to replicate original windows.

Framing is complete; new addition mirrors the original home.

With framing finished, the new gable mirrors the original that houses the kitchen.

The lawn is reseeded as soon as the exterior is complete.

As soon as the exterior is done, the lawn is reseeded, as work continues on the inside.

Seamless gutters are extruded on site.

Seamless gutters are constructed by extruding them on site from roll stock.

A half wall provides for a future breakfast counter.

Meanwhile, work inside continues - a new half wall is framed for the future breakfast counter.

Insulation adds warmth to this antique home.

Insulation will be much appreciated as these antique homes rarely have any to keep you warm.

New wood flooring is woven in for a seamless transition.

New wood flooring is carefully woven into the existing floor to create a seamless transition.

New tile replaced old wood.

Sub flooring replaced the old wood in the kitchen providing a sound base for the new tile. Low maintenance porcelain tile was chosen over stone and has a natural chiseled edge adding instant age to the new floor.

Sheetrock is installed and the room takes shape.

With sheetrock installed the room starts to take shape as trim is ready to be added.

View from the kitchen to the family room.

Finally the kitchen has a new view into the adjoining family room.


Box beams terminate at a dropped header.

Box beams will now terminate at the dropped header that replaces the old exterior wall.

Templating the counter ensures a tight fit.

Templating for the granite counter ensures a tight fit.

A new granite counter is installed.

The new granite counter is installed and ready to serve five hungry children.

View from the kitchen to the family room addition of this historic Wilton CT home.

The kitchen now boasts a clear view to the new family room.

Finished classic family room in historic Connecticut home awaits furniture install.

The finished family room awaits the client’s furniture installation.

Vintage CT home with symmetrical staircases.

The rear of the house now has the symmetry created by dual staircases.

New addition integrates seamlessly on to the historic Wilton, CT home.

Hard to see where the old left off and the new addition began from this exterior view of our client's home.


Mission Accomplished! An awesome addition on a beautiful historic home, completed well in advance of the wedding celebration.