Multipurpose Refuge with Swedish Roots

Creative mom and daughter art room with blue desk and builtins in Wilton CT.As most couples are embracing being empty nesters, these clients had a different idea.

Build it and she will return.The “she” is their artistic daughter currently away at college while the "it" is a room that will allow mother and daughter a place to relax and let the creative juices flow.


Clark Construction's floor plan showing new custom cabinets, new window and new floor.

Floor Plan

New cabinets, new window and the new floor pattern.

elevation of the desk and custom cabinetry in Redding CT  06896

Concept Drawing - Elevation of Desk Wall


Ample desk surface space doubles as a craft table. The use of quartz material will provide peace of mind as paint and glue will not harm the surface.


A love of Swedish design inspired the subtle details in the custom cabinetry and millwork.

Bookcase builtins with blue custom cabinetry in Fairfield County, CT

Concept Drawing - Elevation of Bookcase Wall


Tall bookcases atop closed cabinetry offer a mix of open display and storage for supplies.


The niche between the bookcases was designed to accommodate the client’s favorite loveseat and also accommodate a queen size bed if the need arises.


The open floor space in which to practice yoga was the perfect canvas to create a custom floor treatment using a selection of stain colors that complement the other tones in the space.

material palette

Material Palette

The soft palette of blues and creams were chosen to coordinate with the fabrics that will soon cover the upholstery and new larger window.

room awaiting the renovation

A nondescript room awaits its transformation.

thorough job site prep helps to keep client’s home clean while work is underway

Client’s home is prepped to preclude damage to the floors on the way to the work area.

Existing window is removed as renovations begin.

The existing double window is removed to make way for the new triple window.

Window opening is framed

An opening is framed with a new header and jack posts for the larger window.

new window adds natural light

The new window allows more light into the room.


The new casement style window features a special center rail that blends with the homes existing double hung windows and allows us to meet current fire egress code requirements.

baseboard heat is removed

The old baseboard heat is removed to make room for the custom cabinetry, and replaced with a new high output baseboard which is more efficient, and takes up much less space.

wires are roughed in cabinets.

Wires that were run in advance of the cabinetry placement are pulled through the cabinets in preparation for the cabinet lighting.

custom stain pattern is drawn out on the wood floor

The custom stain pattern for the wood floor is drawn out.

 custom stain pattern on the wood floor

The next color of the stain is applied, bringing the floor to life.

 custom stain pattern on the wood floor

The floor stain “carpet” design was inspired from a geometric print fabric that the client selected for use on the new window treatment in the space.

cabinet installation is underway

Cabinetry installation is underway, which will be followed by trim installation.

trim details break up the wall surfaces.

The use of chair rail, crown and picture moldings will allow the wall surfaces to be broken up by paint color to layer the room.

desk surface is installed

The desk surface is installed while finishing touches are done to the cabinetry.

tall pullout for art supplies

A tall pullout to the right of the work surface keeps art supplies organized within arms reach.

mantle ledge for pictures

A mantle ledge above the desk is just deep enough to lean canvases or place small sculpture.


Recessed light fixtures with trims that angle and swivel will allow wall hung art to be perfectly highlighted.

LED undercabinet lights are used

The special LED lighting hidden behind the front lip of each shelf provides perfectly even illumination, making it easy to find your favorite book.

renovation complete – remodeled room ready to use

Like a blank canvas the room is completed and ready for the clients to create the studio they have been dreaming about.

thank you card from appreciative clients.

Nice thank you card received!

cabinetry project completed and decorated

Now the space is decorated and being enjoyed!

cabinetry project completed and decorated

cabinetry project completed and decorated

cabinetry project completed and decorated

The beauty is in the details – here is the crown molding up close.

cabinetry project completed and decorated