If a Picture is Worth 1000 words, then a Virtual Rendering is Worth 10,000

Multilevel house cross section shows various rooms. In remodeling, you need a vision to get from “Before” to “After” Then you need to be able to convey the vision to the client. Oftentimes, a 3D concept rendering is easier for everyone to comprehend than a set of blueprints or concept sketches. If we’re working with you on an addition to your home we can show you how it will look with and without the addition in 3 dimensions. We can rotate it around and admire it from different angles. In a kitchen, we can show you a variety of layouts and different shaped islands. You can get a good sense for the feel of the space, making it easier to imagine yourself in the finished space.


Our clients enjoy having these virtual renderings to post on their walls and show their friends while they wait for the construction phase of their project to begin.