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Is the Kitchen Triangle Dead?

No, it's not dead. Learn how the original work triangle has  evolved and adapted to incorporate the latest technology in appliances and flexible enough to conform to the wishes of multiple users.

Posted: 24 March 2015 | more Arrow

Ten Kitchen Trends You Don't Want to Miss

Clark Construction combines their recommendations with the latest NKBA trend report offerings to bring you some trends you will want to include in your next kitchen remodeling project.

Posted: 11 March 2015 | more Arrow

The Pizzazz Factor

Pizzazz is that elusive quality which makes a home improvement project stand out from the crowd. Read about what gives a home pizzazz.

Posted: 5 March 2015 | more Arrow

Ice Dams: Quick Fixes and A Reliable Cure

Ice dams are usually caused by a combination of heavy snowfall, inadequate water-repellent protection and often, improper attic insulation or ventilation. Learn how to address the symptom and cure the problem.

Posted: 21 February 2015 | more Arrow

Ask the Remodeler - Add on or Move?

Q.  My wife and I are thinking about either adding on a two story addition for about $300K, or moving to a larger home. Which makes the most financial sense? Our home is currently worth $1. 5 million.

Posted: 10 February 2015 | more Arrow

Three New Innovative Remodeling Products

Stand out remodeling products that we saw at the 2015 International Building Show in Las Vagas.

Posted: 29 January 2015 | more Arrow

Consider a Generator

Interest in generators is escalating!  After a number of show stopping storms, people are getting serious about making some arrangements to "up" their abilities to generate power during a CL&P power outage.

Posted: 26 January 2015 | more Arrow

Thinking About Renovating Your Vintage Home?

Own a historic or vintage home? Lucky you. Preserving and enhancing an old home can be both challenging and rewarding. Here's some advice on developing a vision for your remodeling project.

Posted: 20 January 2015 | more Arrow

Illuminate Your Home with Style

Consider some of these cool high-tech lighting solutions for your remodeling project.

Posted: 8 January 2015 | more Arrow

Where to Start with Remodeling

Highest priority projects for most people are kitchens, bathrooms, hang-out rooms, and projects that give curb appeal. Read why these are good starting points for your remodeling journey.

Posted: 20 November 2014 | more Arrow

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