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Remodeling: Details Make the Difference

Details make great projects stand-out—those seemingly small touches that make a big statement. Form, function, and finishing details need to be built into the design. An eye for integrating these brushstrokes in the design phase allows for masterful results.

Posted: 20 June 2012 | more Arrow

Moving Up: 7 Tips for Your 2nd Story Addition

When you need to add space to your home and don’t want to expand farther out onto your property, the only place to go is up.

Posted: 21 May 2012 | more Arrow

Masterful Master Bedroom Suite Makeovers

Master bedroom suite makeovers have become a valuable renovation. Your bedroom doesn’t just have to be a place to sleep or get dressed. Treat yourself to a luxury hotel experience without leaving home, and create a place that is “home suite home.”

Posted: 1 May 2012 | more Arrow

When Bad Additions Happen to Good Homes

Additions can add real value to a home, except when the addition goes terribly wrong! Some top problems with additions are highlighted, along with six tips for ensuring that a bad addition doesn't happen to your home.

Posted: 23 April 2012 | more Arrow

Could Your Great Room be Greater?

Sometimes, a home’s great room might not be living up to its name. Yes, it’s large in scale, but is it providing the comfort and function you want?Maybe it’s time rethink your great room, and focus on how to make it even greater.

Posted: 16 March 2012 | more Arrow

Basement Remodeling: Dungeon to Dream Space

Does your basement feel like an afterthought? Is it just an overflow space where you stash your holiday decorations and those things you just can’t part with…yet? Maybe it’s time to take your downstairs room from dreary dungeon to dream space, creating some fun and functionality down under.

Posted: 24 February 2012 | more Arrow

Wood Flooring Options

When thinking about wood flooring for your home, you can choose between solid hardwood, engineered wood, and a laminate floor. Once you have selected a flooring type, you can choose the wood species and color that goes with your décor.   Here’s a short primer on the three flooring options.

Posted: 28 January 2012 | more Arrow

Quartz Countertops

Today, the trend is towards quartz-based counters, many which use recycled ingredients in their mix. Boasting the best qualities of laminate and stone, quartz began appearing in U. S. homes just a few years after gaining popularity in Europe.

Posted: 2 December 2011 | more Arrow

Cork Flooring

Are you one of those people who saves wine bottle corks thinking you will someday do something creative with them? These days, cork flooring is looked to as a great “green” building material but truth be told, it first came into use at the end of the 19th century.

Posted: 2 December 2011 | more Arrow

Layers of Light - Undercabinet Task Lighting

As designers, we always speak about the various “layers of light” that a space should have. General, ambient and task lighting are musts for a room that gets as much use as our kitchens. Undercabinet task lighting dramatically powers up the look and feel of a kitchen.

Posted: 14 October 2011 | more Arrow

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