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The Challenge to Buy Made in America

Posted: 7 July 0015

By buying more "Made In America" products on our projects, we can make a difference in creating opportunities for jobs for other Americans. If you watch the ABC Evening News you may have followed their series of stories dedicated to creating jobs by purchasing products Made In America.


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One story followed the construction of a home being built in Bozeman, Montana by Anders Lewendal, an economist turned builder, who challenged himself to use only products made in the United States in the construction of this house. In all, more than 120 products from 33 states were used to construct the house.


While he does acknowledge the exclusive use of American products can be more expensive, the house ran only 1 to 2 percent more than one made from foreign manufactured materials.


Lewendal claims that if every builder committed increasing their purchase of American materials by just 5% it would create 220,000 jobs in this country, a figure ABC News confirmed with an outside analyst.


After watching this, we decided to take the list of manufacturers they provided on their website to our local suppliers to see what American made products were available to use in our remodeling projects.


We were pleasantly surprised that we had already been purchasing the majority of our materials from manufacturers here in the United States. We have been recommending and using Andersen Windows, GRabill Cabinetry, Kohler & Moen plumbing products, Benjamin Moore paint and a host of other American made products for as many years as we have been in business. Even toilets from Japanese based Toto are being manufactured by Americans in their new Morrow, Georgia based plant.


So what more can we do? We will be looking closely at the products that we use for our projects to see if there are American made alternatives that make sense for the design and your budget.


We plan on extending the challenge to buy “Made in America” to each of our trade partners.  We’d like them to be aware that what they buy makes a difference, and look closely at Made in America alternatives. This will help us increase the overall percentage of  American made alternatives that we use on our projects while maintaining the same level of quality you have come to expect from Clark Construction.


We invite you to join us in the challenge, not just for remodeling and construction, but as part of your daily life.  Take a moment to read the label on your next purchase. If we join together, our decisions to buy “Made in America” will help create jobs for many unemployed Americans.


Link to : ABC News Made in America



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