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Count Down to Remodeling

Posted: 9 June 2015

Before you talk with us or another remodeling company, consider sharing a bottle of wine over dinner and talking with each other about what you want to do. It helps if all the decision makers in your home are in agreement on the scope and the nature of the addition or remodel. We're happy to help you work through any issues where it's hard to find agreement. We can present pros and cons that may help you come to a decision. But regardless, the more that the two of you can agree upon upfront, the better.


 five, four, three, two, one: countdown to remodeling on your hand

Here's the short list of what you might want to do before you call.

#5. Priorities: Think about what you really want to do.  Determine and write down your top priorities. What would you like to accomplish during the remodel? What do you really need and what you wish you could do? Just as important - what are you sure that you don’t want to do? Write down any questions or concerns that you might have about your home and possible project so that you can discuss them with your contractor.


#4. Time Frame:  Think through when you would like to do the project. Do you have any family events planned at your home that you need to work around? When would you like the work to be completed? Is there a time of year that would be most convenient to do the project?


#3. The “Look” – Design Ideas: If there’s a particular “look” you love, it’s helpful, but not essential, for you to assemble a folder of magazine clippings or photos to share with the designer.


#2. Budget: Determine roughly what you would like to invest in your home. Your contractor will work with you to refine your budget range as you identify together the scope of work that you decide to do.


#1. Money: Not necessarily the same as your budget - Figure out where the money for your project will be coming from. Home improvements can be paid for by cash, home improvement loan, home equity line of credit, re-finance or second mortgage. Or you could win the lottery.



Now that you know what you want to do and when you want to get started, it’s time to call Clark Construction for an appointment!

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