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Green Design

Posted: 15 September 2011

Green building may be all the talk these days, but at Clark Construction, we do green a little differently. The idea of environmental sensitivity has been part of our mission since our beginnings in 1987. We focus solely on remodeling and additions because we think that good use and reuse of existing homes saves resources.


Our design philosophy continues to be that efficient use of existing spaces comes before adding on new space, no matter how green the products in the new space are.


Clark Construction considers good design is nearly always green design.

Good design is nearly always green design.


Clark Construction’s approach to designing and building relies on systems that work—improving a home’s floor plan for efficiency and comfort, using “Not So Big House” concepts, saving energy, reducing construction waste, improving air quality, using sustainable materials, and improving the overall quality of our client’s life in their existing home.


The trend towards "all-things-green” continually brings exciting new products and new techniques across our desks. Our talented designers make it a point to stay current so we can inform you and lead you through the options.


  • We stay abreast of the latest developments in materials and specify those that will provide the best economy of beauty, durability, and environmental responsibility.
  • We are concerned about energy efficiency and will look at your entire building as a system to ensure that, with the newly remodeled project, your home will continue to maintain its integrity and function at maximum efficiency.
  • When gaining efficiency is the goal of the project, we include energy-efficient windows and doors, and may consider new ways of insulating your home, and/or suggest appropriate HVAC equipment. These changes will result in a healthy and comfortable interior environment in addition to the significant energy savings you will realize.
  • We reuse as many construction materials as possible – either reusing them on your project (such as reusing a window in another location on your home), plus we’ve formed a relationship with Habitat for Humanity so that many items from a job site can be reused by others who will appreciate them – from kitchen cabinets and counters to pedestal sinks and faucets.


For us, “going green” must enhance every project. This is where our experience comes in.


We’re aware of the pitfalls and the potentials, the small adjustments that have big effects and the grand gestures that might not make a lot of difference. We stay in the forefront of changes in the green building field.  Most importantly, we know how to judge what’s going to bring long term value to your home.



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