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Nine Signs of Fine Design

Learn about the qualities that make a great design stand out from the crowd (yet blend nicely into the neighborhood!)


Posted: 19 August 2015 | more Arrow

Good Design is Back. Spread the Word!

Design Matters. Every home remodel is an opportunity for us to show our clients what a difference good design can make to their lives, a message we hope will spread for decades to come.

Posted: 21 July 2015 | more Arrow

Indulge Your Passions

Your home is a haven from the outside world and its stresses. Create your personal oasis just by indulging your passions with a special space in your home; whether a home theater, a private wine room or the elusive man cave. You deserve it! 

Posted: 18 June 2015 | more Arrow

The Pizzazz Factor

Pizzazz is that elusive quality which makes a home improvement project stand out from the crowd. Read about what gives a home pizzazz.

Posted: 5 March 2015 | more Arrow

The Uptick of Multi-Generational Living

One of the hottest trends in housing is the revival of multi-generational living. The trick is to have your cake and eat it too. Share your home, yet keep your privacy. Many homes can be re-jiggered to accommodate multiple generations in style.

Posted: 18 May 2014 | more Arrow

Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home

A house becomes a home when it welcomes you at the end of the day, and reflects your tastes, hobbies and experiences.  Giving your home more character does not always have to be super costly. Here are six ways to spruce up your house and make it a home you love.

Posted: 5 August 2013 | more Arrow

Remodeling: Details Make the Difference

Details make great projects stand-out—those seemingly small touches that make a big statement. Form, function, and finishing details need to be built into the design. An eye for integrating these brushstrokes in the design phase allows for masterful results.

Posted: 20 June 2012 | more Arrow

Let Us Help You Think Outside the Box

By thinking outside the box, the Clark Construction Design Team can transform ineffective, undesirable or unappealing areas of your home into practical and loveable living spaces, while ensuring a good return on your investment.

Posted: 17 August 2011 | more Arrow