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Seven Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

A new kitchen can effortlessly weave together beauty, comfort and convenience creating a real sanctuary as the heart of your home. Here are seven good reasons to make remodeling your kitchen a top priority.

Posted: 24 November 2015 | more Arrow

Count Down to Remodeling

Before you talk with us or another remodeling company, consider sharing a bottle of wine over dinner and talking with each other about what you want to do.

Posted: 9 June 2015 | more Arrow

Five Suggestions for Stress Free Remodeling

Here are the five most important things you can do to take the pressure off and enjoy a seamless and successful remodel.

Posted: 6 May 2015 | more Arrow

How to Prioritize Your Remodeling Projects

The smartest decisions about where to invest your remodeling dollars come only after creating and evaluating priority lists.  Here is some guidance on how to figure out which projects to do in order to optimize life style improvements for your family and wise financial investments.


Posted: 21 April 2015 | more Arrow

Home Remodeling: When DIY Just Won't Do

Are you thinking of doing a DIY home remodel? Think it might save you time or money? Think again. When it comes to transforming your home, there’s no substitute for expertise and experience.

Posted: 15 April 2015 | more Arrow

Ask the Remodeler - Add on or Move?

Q.  My wife and I are thinking about either adding on a two story addition for about $300K, or moving to a larger home. Which makes the most financial sense? Our home is currently worth $1. 5 million.

Posted: 10 February 2015 | more Arrow

Where to Start with Remodeling

Highest priority projects for most people are kitchens, bathrooms, hang-out rooms, and projects that give curb appeal. Read why these are good starting points for your remodeling journey.

Posted: 20 November 2014 | more Arrow

Where to Splurge When Remodeling

As long as you keep an eye on your budget, you’re allowed to splurge sometimes. Hints on how to make your splurges really count.

Posted: 22 October 2014 | more Arrow

Six Ways to Blow Your Remodeling Budget

Keep your home from becoming a money pit by avoiding some of the most common spending mistakes on remodeling projects.

Posted: 27 September 2014 | more Arrow

Seven Questions to Ask Before You Begin Remodeling

Remodeling can be a major investment. To make sure your money is well spent, take some time to evaluate potential providers. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better decisions you will be able to make.

Posted: 24 August 2014 | more Arrow

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