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Thermofoil Cabinetry

Posted: 3 October 2011

An expanded selection of door styles and colors, as well as improvements in the technology make Thermofoil doors an attractive and cost effective option for kitchens today. With potential savings of up to 25-35% compared with painted or glazed cabinetry, and more door styles and finishes available, including painted and glazed looks, you may want to consider them as you plan your next project.


Thermofoil doors and drawer heads are made up of a solid piece of MDF routed out for the door design with what is essentially a heat shrunk vinyl over it to create the colored face.


It’s great for a wet environment like a bathroom, since MDF (medium density fiberboard) is air tight, and will not expand and contract from moisture and temperature changes like a traditional wood door. Thermofoil doors are easy to clean and virtually impossible to chip or scratch.


At one time, Thermofoil had a bad reputation. Over the years, technology has improved the product to address issues with de-lamination and discoloration. Those problems are long gone. There is a big difference between the product that was made over 10 years ago and what the industry offers to the consumer today.


off-white thermofoil cabinetry in L-shaped kitchenWe used a “painted and glazed” look from a stock cabinet company for a young couple on a tight budget in Ridgefield.


Thermofoil was the perfect solution to providing a painted and glazed look that would hold up to a household with 3 children under the age of five.


The significant cost savings over comparable painted and glazed wood cabinetry made the decision even easier.

The client’s mother, who lives in the house as well, objected when she heard her daughter was going to use Thermofoil. To this day she thinks they are wood with a painted glaze– they’re that good looking.


Like all things, there are better and lesser quality versions to choose from in the marketplace, but we have been very happy with the Thermofoil products used over the past ten years.  Working with manufacturers with a proven track record has been most beneficial as we have not had any service calls from clients having issues with delamination or discoloration.


So if you are working with a tight budget but keep gravitating towards painted cabinetry, consider the option available that will save you money and continue to look good year after year as you enjoy your new kitchen or bath.

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