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Yes, We Do Small Projects Too!

Posted: 5 August 2011

We often hear it said that "We’d really like to use Clark Construction for our next project, but it’s so small you probably wouldn’t want to take it on." People are often surprised to learn this simply isn’t true.


to do list pinned to bulliten boardWe do replacement baths, powder rooms, remove walls between kitchens and dining rooms, pop skylights in, change out front doors, add crown molding to detail a room, replace windows and a gamut of other projects.


We can address that “Honey Do” List so that you can spend your time doing something more fun with your Honey than the "To Do" List.


We can do everything from replacing light bulbs you can't reach and installing light fixtures to replacing rotting lumber, repairing and replacing gutters, replacing batteries in sump pumps, changing furnace filters and other minor maintenance items that you just haven’t got to.


Give us a call if you have something on your To Do List that you’d like us to take care of. If your house needs it, we can do it!

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