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FAQ About Remodeling and Home Improvement

How Does the Design Process Work?

We start by listening and understanding your wants, hopes, and dreams for your home or business—the thought that it would be nice to add a family room, a master bedroom suite, or space for a larger kitchen or new office, for instance.


Remodeled house with plans

Our designers will help you prioritize your wants and needs and work towards fulfilling your remodeling objectives.


We will help you establish your budget and then provide you with a creative, functional design.


Your designer will present various alternatives and use scaled floor plans, elevations, and 3D drawings to aid in visualizing your new space. Presenting multiple options for your consideration is paramount in enabling us to create the perfect design for your home.

What is the Difference Between Having a Remodeler and a Home Builder Do My Job?

When new home building opportunities decline, some home builders look for other ways to generate revenue and often offer themselves out as remodeling contractors.


However, remodeling is different from new home building. Retrofitting a space is more complex than building something from the ground up. There are many factors involved with remodeling an existing space or adding on, that new home builders don’t typically face.


Plus, you will most likely be living in the space while work goes on. Maintaining the livability of the existing home for the family and pets throughout the process is a situation unique to remodeling. It’s one that only trained professional remodeling contractors are experienced at handling.


The contractor best suited to renovating or adding onto your home will be one who has extensive repeated successful experience with remodeling projects similar to yours in homes that people live in.  It’s all we do.

Who Will be Working in My Home?

Clark Construction Project Supervisor At A Job.

Several or many of our tradespeople will come to your home depending on the scope of the project.


The long-term relationship that we cultivate with our trades people ensures that our mutual expectations will be exceeded on a regular basis.


They’re the best that we’ve been able to find over the past twenty seven years in business. We don’t have any second string players on our jobs.


Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, ability to meet a schedule, and just plain old good manners typify all of the Clark Construction tradesmen.

What Kind of Mess Will I be Living In While My Project is Underway?

There's no avoiding the fact that there will be a certain amount of dust, dirt, and noise. We are very sensitive to this and take many precautions to protect your property and senses. We take great care of you and your home. We cordon off areas where we are not working. Typically the first day of any project is scheduled exclusively to prep the site. This allows us to do a thorough job protecting your home: pre-covering floors and installing dust walls.


During the project, our Project Supervisors ensure the worksite is clean at the end of each day. You can expect that materials are stacked neatly and the jobsite will be left broom and rake clean.

How Long Will it Take to Complete the Work?

When we start to work together, we assign your job to a production “slot”.  This way, you know when we plan to start and finish your job. This policy of looking ahead lets us accommodate any special scheduling needs that you may have regarding family events, holidays, and so forth.


In general, a large addition may take 10 to 12 weeks; for a simple one, two months is generous; a straightforward kitchen or bath may take a month.

Will My Job Have Your Full Attention Once it Has Started?

Absolutely. Although we are serving multiple clients at any given time, the nature of our business means that only a few projects will be in the same phase (design, planning, excavation, framing, etc.) simultaneously. This allows us to schedule our teams and their work well in advance, so we don't have more to do than we can handle comfortably.

What Do I Do if I Have a Question?

Don't hesitate to give us a call at (203) 431-2699, anytime. We have voice mail and email 24/7, and respond promptly to any inquiries or concerns.  


You can ask us in person. Our offices are open 9 - 5 Monday through Friday. On most Saturdays, a designer mans the studio/showroom, although it is best to call ahead on a Saturday to ensure that one of them is there. Other times are available by request.

How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call at (203) 431-2699, or email us, or complete our contact form, and we can start the ball rolling!