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Remodeling Advice

The beginning of a remodeling journey is a good time to be armed with information.   Whether you are doing a whole house remodel, an addition, or just renovating within the existing four walls, these informative articles will help you prepare for what lies ahead. Plus, "The Diary of a Mad Remodeler" will give you a good laugh.


Please reach out to us if we can provide any additional information as you get started with your home improvement projects.



How to Choose a General Contractor for Renovations or Remodeling

Four Steps for Choosing the Right Remodeling Company

Finding the right remodeler for your project is easy.
Follow these steps to find and evaluate different remodeling companies.





Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Questions to Ask Prospective Design-Build Companies

A play in three acts. Questions to ask when the Remodeler comes to your home, when you visit their office or showroom, and when you talk to his past or present clients.





Ten Tips to Make Your Remodeling Project Go Well

Top Ten Tips for Remodeling

Not like David Letterman's Top Ten.

These are seriously the ten most important things to think about when you are planning to remodel or add on: from creating a master plan, and not overbuilding for the neighborhood, to reasons why DIY is not always a good idea.  



how different remodelers stack up

Three Bid Myth

Do bids compare apples to apples? Actually, all bids compare is price. It's shocking what some contractors will sacrifice to improve their bid.





Avoiding or Reducing Change Orders Keeps the Bottom Line in Check

Controlling Costs - Reducing Change Orders

You can control the bottom line on your project by managing the number and dollar volume of change orders.





The Diary of A Mad Remodeler – info for the Do-It-Yourself Renovator

Diary of a Mad Remodeler

A dramatized example of how Murphy's Law can and too often does come into play in Do-it-Yourself remodeling.