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Four Steps to Choosing the Right Company

Once you have decided to remodel your home, finding the right remodeler for your project can seem challenging.


It helps to break the task down to a four step process.


  • First, prospect for candidates.
  • Interview remodeling companies at your home.
  • Visit their offices/showrooms to find out more about how they run their jobs.
  • Then call former and current customers and ask them about their experience.

At the end of this process, you should be able to make a confident decision.

Step 1: Prospecting

Weighing your choices shows a scale with differing amounts of rocks on either side.Ask around. Start your search by talking with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who have recently completed remodeling projects or had additions put onto their homes. Personal referrals are a great source for finding qualified service providers.


You are looking for remodeling companies who design and build the kind of work you have in mind and have a reputation for quality and integrity. One measure of a good company is that homeowners use them repeatedly. Seek out companies who have a high percentage of repeat and referral clients.


With a few recommendations in hand you are one step closer to success.

Step 2: Interviewing Design-Build Companies at Your Home

Have the remodeling company out to your home.

Being prepared for this meeting with a list of questions to ask will make it much more effective for you. You are trying to find a technically strong remodeler who will accept responsibility for the success of your project. Here are some suggestions for questions you might ask.

Step 3: Visit Their Offices and Showrooms

After they come out to see you, invite yourself in to see their offices and showrooms.

By seeing who is there and what they are doing, you can find out more about how they operate and how they will run your job.  How are they organized? How do they track things?  What is their system for ensuring jobs stay on track and for following up?  You might ask these questions.

Step 4: Interviewing References

After you’ve got to know them and feel comfortable with them, it’s a good idea to go to the next step.  People who have had your candidate do work in their homes are the experts about their capabilities.

In addition to repeating some of the same questions you posed directly to the remodeler, you can probe a bit deeper to learn more. You might ask these questions

Decision Time!

Now that you have done your homework you should be easily able to select your Design-Build company.


Then you are ready to go the next step; your remodeler will work with you to document the high level objectives for your project. Budgetary considerations will be reviewed and documented as well to guide the development of designs that suit both your objectives and your pocketbook.


Once those guidelines and project goals are firmed up, the design team is "off to the races" and the fun begins!