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Historical Home Renovations

Renovating a historic home well requires special skills, a love for preservation, and keen attention to detail. Our team includes designers with that love and attentiveness to detail, as well as master craftsmen with the talent and experience to execute historical home renovation projects.

Historic Materials

Beautiful stairwall graces this antique home.Historic renovations are a careful balancing act: engineering needed structural fixes in a way that maintains historic character; finding new, local materials that emulate historic finishes that are now unaffordable; refurbishing existing historic elements through careful work and attention to detail; and finding efficient ways of renovating to maximize energy efficiency without sacrificing historic style.


Clark Construction has learned each of these skills through years of experience. Our team is proud to bring this knowledge to the table for all of our projects, whether your home is historic, vintage, or more recently built.

Historic Finishes

We have a specialization in historic renovations, including the replication of historic finishes, trims, moldings, flooring, cornices, cabinets, and so on.


Glued up molding held with many clamps is an integral part of a historic renovation for Clark Construction in Wilton, CT. Often these historic trims cannot be purchased, and must be custom made by hand. This is something we really enjoy working on.

Integrating Old and New

Often times, with older homes, the project includes both preservation and adding new space. We are experienced in making new spaces integrate with the old, sourcing antique flooring and beams and other vintage materials.


But we are not always limited to matching exactly what is already there.


Modern contemporary bathroom renovation  designed and remodeled by Clark Construction in New Canaan, CT

In a recent project, we popped a contemporary bath in the lower level of a historic home, integrating old and new in a tasteful way that gracefully added to the home's elegance.